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Only arashists will understand why i find this shop cute ^^

r&b 1
r&b 2
r&b 3
r&b 4
r&b 5
r&b 6
r&b 7


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“Did you know that in Japan there is a shrine called “Ohno” which is popular with fans of Arashi?

In Shiga Prefecture, there is a shrine called “Ohno,” the same name of the Leader of Arashi.

According the website of “Sankei Shimbun”, on 27 March, it was reported that in the town of Ritto, in Shiga Prefecture, there is a shrine with the same name as of the leader of Arashi. The name of the shrine is “Ohno” and recently it has become very popular. Arashi fans from all over the country visits. The priest of the temple, Satoshi Omiya (like Ohno and Ninomiya duo “Ohmiya SK”) says that “there’s something Arashiic deep in this temple”

Many fans write their wishes like “I wish them luck in the concert” “I wish you good health” and so many desires are written on the cards. The sanctuary Ohno, is full of cards in Arashi colors where wishes are written.

When it’s time for the sale of tickets for a concert of Arashi, the number of visitors increases significantly as the fans get to write their wishes to “get some tickets to one of the group’s concerts.”

(c)sumire Noticias “Santuario Ohno” La TV japonesa, tampoco quedó ajena a la popularidad que esta adquiriendo el Santuario Ohno entre las fans de Arashi.

Aquí les dejamos lo que reporteó un canal sobre el Santuario.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201604638096893 >> click link for the vid


credits : gent’s fb page ^^          
              video from cool and soul - chile fb page

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awww this is why I'm proud to be an arashi fan kyaaaaaa ...... click on the link to read

Arashi Makes History with 7 Million DVDs SoldCollapse )

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hisashiburi minna! been away for too long lol...
anyways, never thought i'd get to see this sakuraiba vid again after they deleted yt vids....
kyaaaa my sakuraiba singing i'll make love to you!!! ofcourse the music is a bit different from the original one ~~ please click on the link below to view it

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Current Music: i'll make love to you

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Philippine-based arashi fans~ i'd like to invite you to jun-arashi party... details here

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RL is taking so much of my time... so it's only now im greeting our dear bday boy weee....

happy birthday sho-kun!

here's a pic for all of you ~

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sorry for not posting for ages... RL is being a BIG hindrance to fangirling... anyhoo... almost a week since fns and still arashi perf is still an ish.. 

Sound Equipment Failure Reveals Japanese Boy Band’s Atrocious SingingCollapse )

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sh*****ttt!!! masaki baby will grace the pages of mgirl's october ish???? arghhhh the mag is not cheap compared to others lol

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omg it's been a month since my last post! RL is taking so much of my fangirling time... how's everyone? oh well even if i'm not that active on lj, im still a fan of arashi... and i havent changed ichiban >> it's still the one... the only... miracle boy lolololll

can't believe it's been 12 years already since they debuted... happy 12th anniversary my babies! here's a toast to the next 12 years lol

here's a treat to everyone ~ im sharing the opening vid (again) we made for jun/arashi party last september 03:) my friend and i have been making opening vids for 3 years now... but... i cant find the others lol will share if i find it lol.... we are not experts... we are doing this out of love for the boys... so... the quality is just... so so lol


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We're having Jun / Arashi Party again this year :) [Philippine-based fans, but if you're willing to fly here for the party, we would gladly welcome you)

 hereCollapse )

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